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August 19, 2016

Janna+Max’s Washington DC Wedding – Sonoma Restaurant

It felt like 110°. In the shade! =) Needless to say Max and Janna suggested their first look take place inside, at iconic Union Station in Washington, DC. Janna anxiously waited for Max to arrive, swaying from side to side. Her sister stood on the lookout, looking for any indication that Max had arrived. “He’s here” Janna said with excitement. Max and his best man Patrick greeted Kathleen with a hug, and Max glanced around, trying to figure out where Janna was hidden. He caught sight of me, gesturing to the right, as if to ask “Is she over here?” I kept shooting, not giving any indication as to where his bride-to-be was hiding away. He found her…she smiled with delight as they hugged, and she greeted him with a soft kiss on the cheek. They admired each other with quiet conversation, and after a while Janna’s sister came over with their pretty pink bouquets, which the bride made herself that day.

Travelers were coming and going from the station, but the wedding party didn’t pay them any mind. As people passed by and realized they were in the shot, Janna just laughed and said that it didn’t matter. The realness of our surroundings was much more important to her than getting the perfect shot. Janna, Max, Kathleen and Patrick joked with each other as we made our way though the station. It was as if we rented the place for our own photo shoot. Janna mentioned that the ceiling had been recently repaired, which was damaged after the earthquake that happened some time ago. Now, the ceilings glistened like new in gold and white, almost matching perfectly the gem-like colors of Janna’s dress.

We caught an Uber to their main destination with Kathleen in the front, playing Pokemon Go with determined dedication. I think she was winning. =) We arrived at Sonoma restaurant, which is right around the corner from Capitol Hill. One look at this trendy restaurant made me giddy with delight. I knew right away that Janna and Max were gonna get some authentic and modern pictures of their wedding here. The brick exterior was beautifully mirrored on the inside walls, traveling upstairs; and dark wooden beams spanned the ceiling majestically. Delicate white Orchids graced the tables, with natural light pouring in from floor to ceiling windows. Close family and guests mingled and laughed together before the ceremony.

Janna and Max exchanged their vows, sharing personal quips and words of endearment for each other. A flurry of rose petals was launched by their adorable flower girl when they kissed, which made everyone laugh and break out in applause. Happy hugs, exuberant dancing and tasty deserts followed. Janna and Max enthusiastically danced the night away with their friends, until the very last song played.

Thank you both for the opportunity to come into your lives, and share some of your first moments as husband and wife. We loved every moment, and wish you the absolute best!


The gleeful couple at Union Station…

First Look

Here’s the groom looking for his bride (she was hiding right around the corner)…

Sonoma Restaurant Washington DC

Janna waited anxiously for Max to find her…

Sonoma Restaurant

Max found her! And she only saw him in this happy moment…


They couldn’t take their eyes off of each other…


Aww, the first official kiss of the day…


This happy wedding party didn’t care if they had an audience at Union Station, and they looked absolutely regal as they stepped through the foyer…

Sonoma Restaurant Washington DC Wedding

Lovely and historic Sonoma in Washington, DC…

Washington DC Wedding Sonoma Restaurant

Every detail was perfectly laid out on the second level by Hilary at Sonoma Restaurant

Washington DC Wedding Sonoma Restaurant

These details…so lovely…

Sonoma Washington DC Restaurant Wedding

There was much laughter and lighthearted stories shared during the ceremony…

Sonoma DC Restaurant

Right on que the flower girl showered the bride and groom with rose petals, and everyone burst into applause…

Washington DC Wedding Sonoma Restaurant

Umm, isn’t this watermelon cake amazing?! Chocolate covered strawberries and glistening blueberries completed this edible delight…

Washington DC Wedding Sonoma Restaurant

Janna and Max shared their delectable cake…

Washington DC Wedding Sonoma Restaurant

The new couple happily danced the night away surrounded by family and close friends!


Many thanks to the fabulous team that helped to bring this wedding together…

Venue: Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar

Sonoma Private Events Coordinator: Hilary Smith

Cupcakes: Georgetown Cupcakes

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