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October 27, 2016

Lamyaa + Nathan – Fauquier Springs Country Club Wedding

Family and friends broke out in thunderous applause as Lamyaa and Nathan entered the spacious ballroom at Fauquier Springs Country Club. Grinning from ear to ear, glancing at each other and back at their guests, they circled the room. Enthusiastic yelps could be heard as their first dance sounded. She settled in his arms. They sang to each other as their favorite song by Dan + Shay “From The Ground Up”, played in the background. Resting his forehead on hers they swayed to the country music. Everyone smiled with love in their eyes for these two.

The slow rhythm was quickly replaced by Arabian melodies and beats. The bride waved guests to the dance floor, encouraging them to join in the celebration. Not much prompting was needed, as the dance floor immediately filled in. Hand in hand, circles formed as they danced to the music. Even grandma joined in, and the bride and groom held onto her hands, dancing with her from her seat. Song after song Lamyaa danced gracefully, and at times right in the center of friends, who enthusiastically sang along with her.

Nathan joined his bride, laughing as she danced closer to him, and they looked into each others eyes and celebrated as if no one else was there. They snuck in a kiss or two, to everyone’s delight. With almost endless energy, they stayed on the dance floor most of the night. The only thing that stopped them was prayer, dinner and listening to their best man and maid of honor speak. Their closest friends nervously and warmly recounted life experiences and expressions of endearment for Lamyaa and Nathan, which reflected their admiration and appreciation for them as individuals, and now as a new couple. Hugs were exchanged at the end of their speeches, with Lamyaa’s brother handing her a tissue to hold back the tears.

At the end of the night, when all the songs had been heard, guests lined up outside to wish Lamyaa and Nathan well, and to send them off on their journey as husband and wife. Light mist started to fall. Sparklers fizzled against the pitch black backdrop and began to whittle down. But not before they could burst through the doors! More cheers and yelps erupted as they sprinted from the entrance, elated to be surrounded by family and close friends. They hopped into the Mercades and honked repeatedly, which whipped up the crowd all over again. Guests milled and spoke with one another as they drove out of sight, with a sense of happiness and satisfaction that can only come from the celebration of two lives joined into one.


Lamyaa and Nathan, we want to thank you so much for having us out, and allowing us to document your first moments as husband and wife. We truly appreciate the opportunity to be there. It was an honor, and we’re so happy to have met you! Congratulations, and we wish you every happiness!








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