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March 31, 2017

Eman+Ahmad’s Elegant Westin Tyson’s Corner Wedding

The faint sound of the drums echoed down to the reception hall. Trills from the beautifully dressed women sounded in the air, signaling that bride and groom were close now. Their finely beaded and sequined outfits glistened in the light as they covered their lips to make the sound carry even further. The sound of drums and singing increased in volume and pitch, until it was unmistakable that they had arrived. Eman and Ahmad entered the reception hall slowly and purposefully as they were flanked by their band. Little by little they inched forward, smiling and taking in the scene. The men skillfully danced around the couple, moving to the beat of the drums, jumping and landing with ease. Their family and friends clapped and danced heartily to the music, happily celebrating the union of this new couple. After a while, the music died down a little, and everyone started to find their seats. The leader of the Dabke troupe got on the DJ’s microphone. He playfully taunted the crowd essentially saying ‘Is that the best you can do? Come out on the dance floor and join us!’ He didn’t have to ask twice. Streams of people crowded on the dance floor, joining in the celebration to a fever pitch. Ahmad joyfully joined in, taking center stage as his guests enthusiastically danced around him. Hands up, and feet barely touching the ground, Ahmad showed what he was made of. Eman joined him, gracefully extending her hands, easily matching the strong beat of the melody. They danced together for what seemed to be an endless amount time, one song merging into another. They laughed and smiled together, knowing how the other would move almost instinctively. This? This is a bond that will last, and it could be seen from the glint of love in their eyes, and elated tender expressions of happiness. 


Eman and Ahmad, it was a pleasure meeting you those months ago, laughing and taking over coffee. I could tell that your friendship with each other was something special. =) Now, having spent time with you both, I can see that you are what every family wishes for; the love, appreciation and kindness that you show is what makes this world go round. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your world, and we wish you the absolute best as you begin your lives together!


Many thanks to the team that made this gorgeous wedding possible!

Ifra Ali – Wedding Coordinator at The Westin Hotel, Tyson’s Corner 
Waleed El-Mehalawy – Videographer at Clean Media
Camile – Cake Artist at Sweet Cake Bakery
Dj Basel – DJ at Tahhan at Yahala
Mary Roman – Makeup Artist at Posh Salon
Louma Mansour – Hair Artist at Hair by Louma
Sharone Aburajel – Florist –DaVinci Florist & Design
Tysons Corner Reston Hotel

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