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July 24, 2017

Heather + Bobby’s Indian + American Wedding

The gleaming white horse pawed impatiently at the ground, waiting for the groom and his little nephew to take the saddle. Eagerly, Heather leaned onto the windowsill, trying to get a glimpse of everyone downstairs. The music started. Bobby and the little one mounted the majestic animal. It was quite a sight! Family members and friends surrounded him making his way around the bend, laughing, dancing and celebrating with delight. 

Hues in almost every color of the rainbow could be seen in this exuberant crowd, as men, women and children giggled and danced, snapping pictures at almost every moment. His groomsmen gathered in a semi-circle, dancing, each one trying the outdo the other. Laughing, Bobby peeked through to see the commotion below. 

Everyone made their way to the ceremony and the groom took a seat. The music began and he patiently waited for his bride to appear and make her way down the aisle. Their guests almost squealed with delight as she made her grand entrance. Each step was accented by a thousand tiny bells. She not only looked stunning, but even the sound of her walking was beautiful and melodious. 

Finally, Heather paused near Bobby . He looked up to her with happiness in his eyes, and they looked upon each other for the very first time. He could hardly take his eyes off of her as they settled in, waiting to hear the words that would unite them.

Every bit of their excitement extended to the very next day! Under an amazing alter, which looked like it came straight out of a  woodside fairytale, stood Heather and Bobby, exchanging written vows in the gorgeous views along the Virginia Blue Ridge Shadows golf course. Under the sunlit sky they promised with handwritten vows to love each other with everything they have. The cheering that erupted from their family and friends gathered made it clear that they not only approved of the union, they wholeheartedly endorsed it. This sweet couple celebrated until the wee hours of morning, enthusiastically dancing with their friends and family. 

Heather and Bobby, it has been a true privilege to know you! You have such likable personalities that just completely drew us in. =) Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your celebrations! We wish you every happiness that life can bring. 


Thanks to all that collaborated with this couple to make their celebrations memorable!

Third Shooter: Nick Sullivan www.instagram.com/castiron_soul

Wedding Coordinator: Sagina Wahi

Makeup Artist: www.instagram.com/stylesbyswati_salonsbs

Videographer: Juan Carlos

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