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May 16, 2018

Wild Goose Farm Wedding – Brittany+Richie

It’s all about legacy. The history their parents and grandparents have passed down to them. Brittany and Richie are blessed to be in a family of couples who’ve been together, and have stayed together for generations; which in itself is a very special thing. Their friends are no exception; they have a record of sticking together for a very long time.

Looking up to their family and friends, these two value more than anything the sacredness of marriage, and all the trials and joys that come along with it. And as handwritten vows were read, their expressions said it all. They were in it for life. Brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies seemed to echo their beautiful resolve. To stay faithful to each other, and to love each other with everything that they have. 


Congratulations to you both! I’m so excited for the life you’ll have together, and we’re so happy to have been there for not only your wedding, but your engagement too! It’s been a real pleasure to get to know you. It’s always refreshing to meet genuine, honest hearted people, and we loved being there for you guys!


Also, thanks to the gorgeous venue who hosted their happy event!

Events at Wild Goose Farm: http://www.wgfevents.com

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