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June 30, 2018

Sarah+Ben’s Caboose Farm Wedding

“That’s the kind of friend that Sarah is” her best friend began. “She’s the kind of friend that’ll drive 45 minutes, every other week, to show up at your house with dinner, taking your screaming infant out of your arms to save your sanity. Sarah’s the friend, that on a bad day, reminds you that you’re good, that you’re important, that you’re worthy of happiness…and that you’re loved.

So, we used to have a nickname for Sarah, “The Mighty Porcupine…cute, but don’t touch.” And that’s very serious! I watched her throw a guy into a coffee table because he tried. It’s not a joke, it’s legit…Until this one day, when Sarah told me, “I met a boy”. And then there they went! They were off on their adventures, and Sarah was really, really happy. So Ben, thank you. Thank you for making her smile…She’s beautiful, and fun, and kind, and silly, and amazing. And she deserves joy in her life, and you bring joy to her life. So thank you for loving her. I love you guys. Enjoy the journey together.”

It’s this kind of speech from the closest of friends that makes me smile, and I’m so happy for you both as you begin your lives together!


And thanks to all the people who added a special touch to their day, to make it sparkle!

Flowers: Lisa, http://anelegantaffairbylisa.com/ 
Venue: http://caboosefarm.net/
Cake: Monica, http://caboosefarm.net/
Makeup: Elisa, Air Brush Faces-hair and makeup for your special event
Dress: Jay Jay, TLC Bridal Boutique Inc


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