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July 9, 2018

Lauren+Jeff’s Morven Park Engagement Session

It was 96º degrees, but it felt like 106º on their engagement session day. Did Lauren and Jeff even break a sweat? Nope. In fact they traveled the grounds with ease and laughter, seemingly unaffected by the warm air. Glistening light sparkled through the trees, creating golden halos around them. Meandering vines climbed historic buildings, elaborate iron fences circled the grounds, and brick paved gardens served as impressive, elegant backdrops. Their easygoing and elegant styles fit right in with the beauty of the place. Her flowing, white dress complimented his navy blue Hawaiian print shirt perfectly. I learned that he loves all things that have to do with the beach, so it suited him. And Lauren wore a very special necklace, which signified something significant about her family member…that she was able to beat cancer. These small touches added to their time together that afternoon, and if this is any indication, their upcoming wedding this fall with be just as special.

Guys, seriously! Thanks so much for taking the time to meet me at Morven Park last week during one of the hottest days of the month!! You guys are rock stars! =D And it was truly a pleasure to finally meet you, after video chats and phone calls. =) Loved everything about you two, and cannot wait for your wedding this October!!

Also, I must thank Nick for coming out with us to brave the hot weather! Your assistance is always greatly appreciated! =)

Photography Assistant: www.instagram.com/n.l.sullivan/

Venue: www.MorvenPark.org

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