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August 7, 2018

Ruchi+Ian’s Piedmont Club Wedding

“I remember at some point during the first couple years when we were dating” Ian began, “and you asked me, “Why do you love me, why do you want to be with me?” And the first time you asked me that it kind of caught me off guard, ’cause I never really gave it much thought. I just thought, “we’ve got something incredible, let’s just keep it going.” And so I had some time to think about it, and several things occurred to me. The first is that there’s never really a dull moment. Whether it’s watching you dance around the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner, or wondering where you’ve wandered off to when we go to the mall. I only turn my back for one minute, I turn back around and you disappear, and from that point on it’s like hide and go seek. You also challenge me, and in general I don’t like it when people question how or why I do stuff, but there’ve been some times when you’ve made a valid point, on how I was doing things, whether that be to cut down how detailed I am on my work notes, so I don’t get home sometimes until midnight, or going out to a bar with you and your friends…’cuase who really wants to spend all their time sitting around in the apartment? I think it’s fair to say I’d be lost without you…not just in a sense of life direction, but also in driving directions. We both know that I drive right past an exit and not realize it until I’m a mile down the road, and having you with me saves me a lot of time and U-Turns, both figuratively and literally. But the thing I think is most important is that you’ve brought happiness in my life in ways that I didn’t expect. And the example I want to use is the way you’ve decorated our apartment over time. When I was living alone I didn’t bother to put up any decorations. I had boxes sitting in corners from the last time I had moved, and when we started living together you very quickly insisted that it had to improve. And I remember that I dragged my heels pretty much every weekend, and every shopping trip was aimed to make the apartment look nicer. But recently I’ve noticed that it looks really beautiful, and that’s made me happier too. And I feel that’s a good example of what you do for me and why I want to be with you. I frequently protest the process of change, and I know I’m often skeptical of where you’re taking me, but you’ve repeatedly brought us together to a place that’s noticeably better than where we started out and I can’t think of anybody that I’d rather be with.”


Ruchi and Ian, congratulations! We loved being there for you guys and wish you all the happiness that life can bring!

And thank you to the team who really helped make their wedding sparkle!

Venue: Piedmont Club

DJ: DJ Ali Ji

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