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November 14, 2019

Jackie+Trevor’s Shenandoah Valley Golf Club Wedding

“Over the years, as their relationship has evolved and grown” her Maid of Honor began, “I’ve learned a lot more about Trevor. And Jackie…I’m so happy that this is the man that you’ve chosen to spend your life with! I know we’ve said it a million times before, but you really are my sister through thick and thin, and I only want good things for you. You deserve the best. I’m so happy that you’ve found someone that loves, challenges and supports you, someone that cheers you on when you’re up, and someone that carries you when you’re down. He has exactly the kind of heart I’d wish for your partner to have. And Trevor, I hope and trust that you’ll never forget the words of the woman sitting next to you. She’s beautiful inside and out, she’s incredibly intelligent, a powerhouse personality, and doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. She laughs loudly, and she wears her whole entire heart on her sleeve. A heart that’s absolutely enormous, and that’s something I hope you’ll always cherish. I hope that you have infinitely more good days than bad, that you continue to grow and learn together, and I hope that every year on this day, you look at each other and say: ‘I happily choose you then, and I happily choose you now.’ Jackie and Trevor, I love you both, and I wish you a long and happy life together.” Everyone cheered and clinked their glasses in agreement as her best friend concluded.

Jackie and Trevor, thank you both for allowing me to document one of the best times of your lives! You’re such a wonderful couple, and I wish you lots of happiness and good times together in the years to come!! Congratulations!! =D

Thank you vendor team!! You guys made their day look and sound AMAZING!! =)

Venue: Shenandoahvalleygolfclub.com
Event Coordinator: @cloverhillevents
Videographer: @imagequality1
Cake: honeybeepastries.com
Band: InsideOutBand.com
Stage+Dance Floor: @grandeventcenter
Photo Booth: yanzevents.com

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