If you've made it this far, you're serious! =) Feel free to just breathe, relax and take your time. 

Because at the end of the day, it's all about the two of you. Ask yourself: What do we want? What's most important to us? And then choose someone to document your wedding that reflects your values and vision, and everything else will come together on it's own.

And if you're still feeling a bit of pressure, no worries. Feel free to let me know what you've got on your mind. Any questions, I'm here to help and let you sink in, and feel comfortable about everything. And congratulations by the way! Have a wonderful time planning, and enjoy the process! 

and here are

the collections


You've got everything planned out in your mind, down to the smallest detail. The colors of your girls' dresses, the table centerpieces, his tie color...it'll all come together beautifully. This could be the perfect option for your day!


 Want that sunkissed, romantic session with your new fiance? Look no further...with 2 hours and a custom made session with a dress change built in, this is the ideal option of something special to showcase the beginning of your time together.