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July 19, 2017

Darlene+Antoine’s Wedding

The sweet scent of perfume wafted through the air. Attentive bridesmaids scurried from room to room, putting the finishing touches on their makeup and dazzling dresses, making sure the bride had everything she needed. Darlene sat serenely as her makeup glistened to perfection. Her green eyes darted to mine, and broke out in a warm smile, welcoming me into her group of closest friends. She stepped into the dress, and the last bow was tied. Glasses clinking, they celebrated those last few moments before Darlene spoke her vows. Reality set in and it all became too real…her eyes filled with tears and threatened to overflow. Looking up at the sky, blinking quickly, she willed her tears to abate. Partially succeeding, her friends also dabbed Darlene’s eyes. Filled with excitement, they huddled together, comforted in the others’ presence. With smiles and heartfelt hugs, the ladies excitedly filed to their designated places, awaiting the moment they could finally celebrate with the new couple, Mr. and Mrs. Mason!

Darlene and Antoine, you have the kindest personalities, and we absolutely LOVED working alongside you to document your day! Congratulations on finding the love of your life, and we send you many good wishes for the years to come! =)


And many thanks to the wonderful team who made their day amazing!

Makeup Artist: Priscilla Molina, www.instagram.com/priscillambeauty

Wedding Coordinator: Mary Murdock,  www.mjmeventstaffing.com

Ceremony Venue: www.waterfordreceptions.com

Videographer: Bryan Young,  www.byoungvideo.com

Florist + Cake Artists: Jonathan + Julie Yates www.instagram.com/sugarjs

DJ: Donnell Robinson, Chi Dr. Productions www.chidrp.com/aboutus.html


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