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June 25, 2016

Helena + Eddie’s Texas Wedding

The air radiated warmth as the bridal party made their way down the aisle. Their littlest ring bearer gingerly made his way down too, all without the help of crutches! He injured his foot some weeks before, and learned how to hobble around without assistance from anyone. His determination and cute expressions had everyone smiling, especially his mom and dad, who were just about to make their union official with a wedding ceremony. The groom smiled approvingly at his son. The flower girl got a great start, and then took one look at the audience and couldn’t get past the glass doors leading out to the ceremony. She burst into tears and shyness took over. Her mother rushed to her side and, hand in hand, made their way down the aisle. Mom comforted this little one until she was calm enough to sit for the rest of the event. She was as cute as a button and everyone just laughed understandingly. Eddie’s gaze shifted to his gorgeous bride who was escorted by her father down the tan stone walkway. Helena and Eddie grinned as if seeing each other for the very first time. They exchanged vows, and their friends and family applauded as they became husband and wife.

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