Scanning the waterline, I was always looking for that one anomaly. As a lifeguard, I was constantly searching, always watching for the details that signaled me to spring into action, just in case someone needed my help. And I use these skills to this day... 

Okay, so I may not be looking out for anyone to save when I'm shooting a wedding, but the thought process is exactly the same. I think to myself: What's happening over there? A fleeting kiss between the bride and groom? Elated giggles coming from one of the smallest flower girls? Or was it that tender hug the bride gave to her father, right before she stepped down the aisle?

I'm always watching, quietly observing, and excitedly documenting every glance, warm embrace, and dance that comes across my field of view. It is my hearts delight to observe and document one of life's most beautiful events, as new husbands and wives promise to love each other as family and friends look on, celebrating new love with endless dancing and cultural celebrations.

If this is the type of event that you're planning, you've come to the right place! I'd love to hear all about your plans, and learn how you two met. So fill in the details and tell me all about it, I love a good story. I can't wait to chat with you to learn more!